Retailers and WDs, delivers the top selling aftermarket performance parts and accessories, in virtually every product category, so you can meet your customers' demands - on the spot. With easy-to-use screens, you can:
  1. Easily look up part numbers for any product your customer wants
  2. Show the customer what the product looks like - by itself or on a vehicle
  3. Pull up installation sheets and warranty information for every part number
  4. Do instant stock checks from your WD, and ...
  5. Close your sale
Look up over 30,000,000 product applications/part numbers

Increase Your In-Store Sales allows you to retain your customer and make your sale. No more losing an order because you can't locate just the right part! That's because we have more than 30 million application/part number combinations cataloged on-line... all of your favorite manufacturers and product lines. You'll make the sale and increase your customer's loyalty to your store.

Delivery On Demand

You found the part! but not sure which distributor can deliver on time? Now you can be sure that your customer can have the product he wants, when he wants it. Simply access the StockCheksm screen to see if your order is on hand at your favorite distributors.

WD's inventories are updated every five minutes, hourly or daily, so you can eliminate the time spent calling WDs for stock checks. And, since the entire process is electronic, you can have your answer immediately, whether you're calling in the evening, on weekends or on holidays.

Now you can promise delivery each and every time!

No Training Required

Using couldn't be easier. There's no training required, because each inquiry screen leads you to the next step. You can't make a mistake. Every application variable is presented for consideration so you can select the right part, in the right size, for the right duration, in the right color for the right vehicle.

You'll be more productive by spending less time on product look-ups and more time making sales and serving customers.

Always Up To Date delivers electonic cataloging that is constantly updated with new parts and applications. You'll always have access to the industry's latest applications.

Increased Customer Service

Not only will your customer get the exact product he wants, but he can participate in the parts selection process with's unique, optional dual-screen display. While you view the available product options, the customer can help make the right selection for his needs by viewing the same screen views on a separate display monitor.

Does the customer want to check out the product photos? Look at different styles? Review the installation requirements? No problem. And, that means customer satisfaction with the final sale.

Choose Products from Leading Manufacturers databases products from the industry's leading manufacturers. This means you can have instant look-up capabilities for practically any product line you want to offer.

The following list of manufacturers is just the beginning of what you'll find available on

  • Airlift
  • American Products
  • American Racing
  • Auto Meter
  • Auto Ventshade
  • Automan
  • B&M
  • BellTech
  • Bestop
  • Black Armor
  • Bushwacker
  • Centerforce
  • Competition Cams
  • Covercraft
  • Crane
  • DeeZee
  • Deflecta-Shield
  • Dynomax
  • and many more...

Deliver The Products Lines Your Customers Want provides the leading branded product lines. No matter what product line categories you sell, has them on-line.

The following product line categories are a small sampling what you'll find available on

  • Adaptors
  • Add-a-Leaf Kits
  • Additives
  • Adhesives
  • Advance Curve Kits
  • Aerodynamics
  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Dams
  • Air Filters
  • Air Horns
  • Air Shocks
  • Alarms
  • Alternators, Chrome
  • Aluminum Cylinder Heads
  • Aluminum Oil Pans
  • Aluminum Seats
  • Aluminum Timing Covers
  • Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Aluminum Water pumps
  • Analysis & Testers
  • Antennas
  • Apparel
  • Automatic Shifters
  • Auxillary Lights
  • and hundreds more...

Close the sales loop with StockChek.SM

Instantly Find Out if Your WD Has the Product In Stock closes the sales loop for the jobber and the warehouse distributor with its StockChek functionality. StockChek allows the counterman to verify a WD's "Available to Ship" status and close special order sales on-the-fly, during the product lookup process. Jobbers no longer have to call around to find a part that they don't have in stock. They simply look at the StockChek screen and complete the sale with the customer!

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